Missile kills female Russian officer who ‘enjoyed killing Ukrainians’ : worldnews

Kachura, a Ukrainian native who worked in the Horlivka Police department, reportedly defected to the pro-Russian side in 2014 after Putin fomented a rebel uprising in the Donbas. She would often disguise herself as a member of regular Ukrainian forces to commit war crimes in order to discredit them, according to Ukraine’s armed forces. ‘(Kachura was) guilty of the shelling of the cities of Donbas and the deaths of civilians,’ Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazanskyi said. ‘In Ukraine, she was sentenced to 12 years in prison in absentia.’ She becomes one of the latest Russian high-ranking officers to be killed in Ukraine

The “female” part doesn’t really matter, but the original article appears to be from the Daily Mail so naturally they’ll mention it for clicks.

This wasn’t just a rank and file soldier, this was a high-ranking officer who was a real scourge to the Ukrainian people.

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