Algerian Olympian Who Refused to Face Israeli in Judo Is Suspended : worldnews

the israeli guy could have done the same, you know, considering he is a representative of a country which ethnically cleansed all of its jews the first chance it got, and unlike israel, is a literall apartheid state.

After Algeria gained its independence in 1962, it passed the Nationality Code in 1963, depriving non-Muslims of citizenship. This law extended citizenship only to those individuals whose fathers and paternal grandfathers were Muslim.[27] 95% of the country’s 140,000-strong indigenous Jewish population went into exile after the passage of the law. Approximately 130,000 Jews left Algeria.[28] Moroccan Jews who were living in Algeria and Jews from the M’zab Valley in the Algerian Sahara, who did not have French citizenship, as well as a small number of Algerian Jews from Constantine, also emigrated to Israel at that time.[29]

the algerian nationality code is still present.

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