Canada vows to be next country to make Facebook pay for news : worldnews

This is so Fucking stupid. What there’s going to be a tax on posting a link? This law as I’ve seen it in Australia either unfairly targets individual companies which I’m sure there has to be common law precedent disallowing that practice (imagine passing a law that said David Pearson of Queensbury has to walk on the left side of the street or else be fined) or it’s so broad and so anti-free speech in its implications that it would break the internet if applied fairly. Google, reddit, any news linking site should all be fined then. Sharing a link becomes tantamount to selling drugs or something – it’s moronic. Oi, you got a loicense for that link mate!?

I get holding companies accountable for encouraging, or at most doing nothing to stop the spread of, hate speech and incitements of violence, it’s harder to prove but a reasonable standard that might even hold up against free speech laws. But saying you have to pay if your users link a news articles is so Fucking stupid and just shows either how corrupt or incompetent (or both!) Politicians are.

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