Collective pledges not enough to reach climate goal: UN

Analysing climate action commitments made by countries so far, the UN body on climate change on Friday noted that the collective pledges would not help the world reach the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to less disastrous levels unless the collective target of emission cuts is substantially upgraded. Though the world would requires to cut the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25-45% from the 2010 level by 2030 to meet the Paris goal of limiting warming by 2 Celsius or by 1.5C, the current pledges of all the countries together would, in fact, decrease the emission only by around 12% during the period.
In its synthesis report on nationally determined contributions (NDCs), the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) said, “The total global GHG emission level in 2030, taking into account implementation of all the latest NDCs, is expected to be 16.3% above the 2010 level.” The NDCs are national climate plans in which countries communicate the actions that they plan to take to address climate change under Paris Agreement.
Ideally, global net anthropogenic CO2 emissions need to decline by about 45% from the 2010 level by 2030 and reach net zero around 2050 to limit the warming by 1.5C. Similarly for limiting global warming to below 2C, the emissions need to decrease by about 25% from the 2010 level by 2030 and reach net zero around 2070. But, as the synthesis report shows, the world is falling well short of the level of ambition necessary to avoid the worst climate outcomes.

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