Hospital worker ‘used secret room to torture and beat patients with shoe’ – World News

The secret torture room was uncovered by police after alleged videos of a hospital security supervisor ‘punishing’ patients in Lahore, Pakistan, were discovered

Patients tortured and beaten with shoes by sadistic hospital worker in secret room
Patients tortured and beaten with shoes by sadistic hospital worker in secret room

A hospital worker has been arrested after he allegedly filmed himself torturing patients and beating them with shoes.

Zohaib Malik, a privately contracted security and maintenance supervisor, has been accused of being the “mastermind” behind the alleged abuse carried out at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

Footage that Malik allegedly filmed himself from a secret room at the hospital was leaked onto social media, and has prompted police to take action.

Officers have gathered evidence of the apparent abuse over the last three months, but Malik has been employed at the hospital for 10 years.

Malik is accused of bringing people to the room who he suspected of a crime, such as trespassing, stealing or misbehaving, the Daily Star reports.

Footage of the abuse was shared on social media, prompting police to investigate

Speaking with VICE World News, Lahore city police superintendent Rizwan Tariq said: “You can say he used to act like a judge inside of his own courtroom.

“He would take the person and then he would question them. He would resort to violence if he did not get the answers he required.”

Tariq added that most of the people allegedly tortured were from “low-income groups” and some were homeless, which is why no one has come forward.

It allegedly took place at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan

Police do not know why the incidents were filmed but believe it was for Malik’s entertainment.

In the leaked footage, Malik can allegedly be seen striking a man with a shoe while he is on the floor.

In another video, a man is having his hair yanked before he is hit several times.

Police suspect other staff have been involved in helping Malik with the abuse.

Police believe the incidents were filmed for Malik’s entertainment

In the same interview with VICE World News, superintendent Tariq said: “The whole security apparatus of the hospital – all the people who were reporting to this man because he was a supervisor – would obviously have been a part of it, either willingly or unwillingly.”

As reported by 24NewHD TV, Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Iftikhar has suspended Malik following the leak of the footage.

A three-member inquiry committee has also been set up to investigate the matter further.

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